Nov 21, 2013

Quicky: Benefit Erase Paste

I've been looking for a good concealer for a really long time. This season's Sephora sale brought me near Benefit's Erase Paste. Let me tell you how I feel about it. I posted on Instagram this photo when I first purchased it.

Packaging :
  • Cute hot pink, screw lid, glass-like jar.
  • Easy to have in your makeup bag.
  • Not super sanitary as you have to dig in the jar.
  • Comes with tiny spoon- applicator (not really useful to me)
Consistency :

  • Very thick, creamy...almost wax-like formula (it feels like cream foundation).
  • Medium Coverage
  • Brightening - Fantastic for under eye circles.
  • A little goes an insanely long way.
  • Incredibly moisturising (Ideal for under the eyes or dry spots).
  • Doesn't really set on the skin (I always powder over concealer and still after powder the concealed skin feels like it's been moisturised right before).
  • Not great if you gave very oily skin as it might slide off the area you want to conceal (I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with Oily to very oily skin).
  • Creases if applied heavily (Personally I don't mind that as I've never found a concealer that doesn't crease, even high-end labeled as "crease proof" crease. Not a big deal for me.
Colour Range 

I bought the shade 1 Fair, which is the lightest of the 3 shades available (Fair/Medium/Dark). I find the range ridiculously limited. The shade Fair is not really that fair. It also runs a bit on the pink - salmon side of concealers. Not the best for covering red and irritated spots (I do love it for under the eyes though). I do use a different concealer for spots and blemishes but when all I have in my travel makeup bag is Erase Paste I use it. It just requires a bit more blending. I apply it with the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush.

This consistency but with a different undertone would be phenomenal for red, flaky pimples or even hormonal and cystic acne. It covers beautifully. 

Price & Cost/Value :
Erase Paste retails from 26 to 28 euros. Quite pricey for 4.4g net weight. The good thing is that you need the tiniest possible amount. I've been using it for 2 1/2 weeks and every day I use less (as I've been using way more than what I needed). I would recommend buying it during sales season. I got it for 19 euro which is a good deal for Benefit cosmetics.

You can find it at Sephora.

Score 8/10 

Have you tried Erase Paste or any other Benefit products ?

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Sep 24, 2013

Transition your makeup for Autumn : Everyday micro-changes

Fall is finally here. My favourite season. The slightly colder weather, the soft angora-blend cardigan paired with burgundy stained lips and plum blushes... I just love it. Obviously you can't wear bold berry lipstick everyday or dark vampy lips or even deep warm brown smokey eyes. But you can make small changes in your everyday normal makeup look that show this warm autumn feel. 

About eyes

If your everyday go to eye look is totally minimal. Let's say... black or brown eyeliner on the upper lashline and mascara? What can i do to perk this look up a bit ? 

For blue/green eyes : Coppery or warm golden-bronze eyeliners really enhance light coloured eyes and make them pop, it just adds more drama as the bronze and orangey coppery tones really accent the eyes. Example look : Black eyeliner on the top lashline, black mascara and a copper toned eyeliner on the buttom lashline. This can works for green/blue/gray-blue and in general light eyes. (Keep in mind copper/warm tones on the eyes are huge for this season)

If you are an eyeshadow girl then opt for a copper or bronze shimmery eyeshadow on the lid (don't do a shimmery crease colour - add something matte there or nothing). 

For darker eyes (light/dark brown or hazel eyes) :Bronze and coppery tones compliment darker eyes as well but my personal favourite is plum/purple. I think brown eyes and hazel eyes look phenomenal with plum-burgundy tones. Example look: Black mascara and deep plum eyeliner on the top lashline (or you can go with black on the upper lashline and plum on the bottom lashline). 

Brown eyes look amazing in any colour so this is not a huge dilemma, you can choose plums/purples/orange/copper/gold/bronze. It is really up to you. Just think outside the box, don't choose black again. 

Amazing trick : If you have hazel or brown eyes with the tiniest hint of green in them, go for plums. Plums just enhance every tini-tiny amount of green you have in your eyes.

Again if you are a eyeshadow girl, choose light plum and brown purple shades. You can even smudge your eyeliner before as a base for the shadows.

About lips

Plum/wine/berry tones are huge for this season. Depending on your style and the occasion, you can go light or dark. 

For bold ladies : Keep the eyes super simple with black eyeliner and mascara, the blush neutral not too pink and you go girl with va va voom lips. Leighton Meester's look is exceptional! 

For not so bold girls : My personal favourite for everyday is tinted lipbalm. Sometimes you can't be bothered by lipstick so why not go the easy way ? Top picks : Korres Plum/Prune Lip butter and Korres Pomegranate (Purple) Mandarin Lip Balm SPF 15

How do you transition your makeup into fall ?